Dwayne Haggins

He’s been described as “the love child of Otis Redding and Doc Watson.” “The John Legend of rockabilly.” And recently, “a ‘what-took-you-so-long’ fusion of Elvis and Marvin Gaye.” 

But he is Dwayne Haggins, and his voice is his own. For Dwayne, every performance is a mission of discovery - of self and of song. Whether on the stage of a metropolitan concert hall or the makeshift bandstand of a neighborhood dive, you will find him exploring uncharted musical territories, listening for new ways to stir his influences into this night’s expression of his unique sound - strangely familiar, naturally mysterious, unmistakably his own. 

That same restless imagination drives the persistent evolution of Dwayne’s songwriting, his guitar work, and, of course, his innately distinctive vocals. A subtle adjustment that lets us hear a familiar melody as if for the first time. A time-worn lyric revoiced to reveal the soul of the original inspiration. A gentle cascade of vocal acrobatics, unleashed when least expected — not for show, but to express a likewise unanticipated bolt of feeling: a whisper of love, a curse of anger, a groan of pain, a whoop of joy that feels both surprising and inevitable at the same moment…